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What People Say about LFS - Your feedback

At the end of each course, all participants are asked to complete a feedback form. This enables us to continuously refine our courses to take into account participants' objectives and suggestions. If you would like to add any comments about our curriculum, or LFS as a whole, please click here.

The following are verbatim comments from people attending recent courses:

Strategic Asset Liability Management Mr. Taylor is a great teacher, he answers every single question and has an in-depth knowledge of ALM. On the other hand, the course has a right balance between theory and practical applications. Victor Wichi, Senior Officer Strategic Asset Liability Management Great perspective by the best team I have had the pleasure of learning from. Peter P. Domasky, Unknown Market Abuse and Trade Surveillance Good and useful training. Very professional teacher. Chiara Maria Rallo, Advanced Senior Compliance Officer Derivatives Accounting IFRS9 The sheer simplicity of instruction and usage of material was ultra brilliant and enabled me to comprehend the material. Ravishanker Sunderam, Financial Analyst, CTR Bilateral Margining and Central Clearing The course met all of my expectations and much more! The course content was quite accessible and offered excellent coverage of bilateral margining and central clearing with real life applications and examples. Highly recommend it! Rukundo (Aimee) Kanyankogote, Specialist Strategic Asset Liability Management I would highly recommend this course. The teacher can move with ease from financial terminology to mathematical implementations to prove financial models and concepts. Guillermina Claudia Martinez Hernandez, Senior ALM Officer Volatility: Trading and Managing Risk The course was of a very high quality with practical examples. I highly recommend it. Mawdoud Bacar, Risk Control Interest Rate Derivatives and Swaps IRD was a very interesting course. It's an efficient combination of both theoretical and real cases which allow us to have a deeper understanding of the technical things in our daily jobs (PM, traders, etc.). Victor Bouron, Asset & Liability Management Officer Interest Rate Derivatives and Swaps I am very satisfied with my course at LFS! The Interest Rate Derivatives I course covered a lot of different subjects, from understanding different benchmark curves and bootstrapping to the technicalities behind valuing derivatives itself. The trainer explained the material very clearly, and even though the training was digital, it was still interactive, and there was enough room for questions. Floortje Merten, Fixed Income Strategist Valuation Adjustments: The XVA Challenge In the xVA Challenge training, I could strongly feel that the tutor is rich in experience, and catching up with the edge of the development in the field of counterparty risk. He shared his experience and current trend analysis in the industry, so we were actually taught by many cases, which helped us to understand the adjustment process more intuitively. Xianze Hong , - FX Options and Risk Management The course leader Zareer is an excellent teacher with great knowledge of the topics covered in this course. Markus Jonsson, FX Trader FX Options and Risk Management FX Options and Risk Management Course was structured in a way to build up the knowledge of the matter from easy to difficult topics, allowing students for connecting the dots along the way. The teacher does make every effort to clarify the material. I highly recommend participation through LFS Live. Kamil Woronin, Agile Business Analyst Electronic Trading and Algorithmic Execution The LFS Course on Electronic Trading and Algorithmic Execution was highly informative with a very good balance of introductory learning as well as technical learning. As an Audit professional, I found the course very useful and would recommend it. Evelyn Hayes, Audit Director Electronic Trading and Algorithmic Execution Jamie's course on Electronic Trading is worth every penny and will vastly increase your knowledge on algorithmic trading! I would wholeheartedly recommend it for anyone on the buy-side but I think a lot of sell-side functions could also benefit from the course. Anisha Mukundan, Vice President Bank Stress Testing A useful and comprehensive course that spans across the most important steps in a bank stress test. Federico Arnaboldi, Audit Manager

Regular Clients

The following is a selection of organisations who, over the years and around the world, have been some of our most frequent customers:

ABN Amro
Abu Dhabi Investment Council
Accenture Consulting

Banca d’Italia
Banca Intesa
Bank of England
Bank of Greece
Bank of Lithuania
Bank for International Settlements    
BNP Paribas
Barclays Bank
Bayerische Landesbank
Bluecrest Capital
Borsa Italiana
BP Finance

Credit Agricole
Credit Suisse

Danske Bank
Deloitte & Touche
Dexia Bank
Deutsche Bank

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
European Central Bank

Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Financial Services Authority

Gulf International Bank (UK) Ltd.
HSH Nordbank

ING Bank
Institute of Macroeconomic Analysis
Intesa Sanpaolo

JP Morgan
Kuwait Investment Authority

Latin America Reserve Fund
Lloyds TSB

Merrill Lynch
Morgan Stanley
Moscow Narodny Bank Ltd.

National Commercial Bank
NCB Capital
NM Rothschild & Sons
Nomura International

Oman International Bank
Pohjola Bank

Raiffeisen Bank
RAS Asset Management 
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Bank of Scotland

Scotia Bank
SEB Investment Management
Societe Generale
Standard Chartered Bank
Standard Bank
State Street 

Tapiola Asset Management
Tapiola Pension Fund
Toronto Dominion Securities

UK Debt Management Office
United Bank of Kuwait
United Kingdom Debt Management Office

West LB
World Bank
World Gold Council

Yapi Kredi
Zurich Kantonalbank