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Course Samples

Swiss Derivatives Review
Course: A Supercycle for Commodity Markets after Covid and ESG

Advanced Bank Liquidity Management (sample)
Course: Advanced Bank Liquidity Management

Modern Asset Allocation & Portfolio Construction course sample (UK)
Course: Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction

Convertible Bonds and Securities course sample (UK)
Course: Convertible Bonds: Issuing, Pricing and Investing

Accounting for Derivatives in Practice under IFRS9 - Case Study
Course: Derivatives Accounting IFRS9

LFS - Norske Skog Model
Course: Distressed Debt Investing

Equity Structured Products: Design, Pricing and Implementation course sample (UK)
Course: Equity Structured Products

Fixed Income Attribution (UK) - Sample
Course: Fixed Income Attribution

Fundamental Review of the Trading Book (Sample)
Course: Fundamental Review of the Trading Book

FX Exotic Options course sample (UK)
Course: FX Exotic Options

FX Options and Risk Management (sample)
Course: FX Options and Risk Management

Asset Swap Exercise
Course: Inflation Derivatives and Index-Linked Bonds

Interest Rate Derivatives 2: Structured Products spreadsheet (UK)
Course: Interest Rate Derivatives 2: Options

Interest Rate Derivatives 1: Hedging and Managing Risk sample (UK)
Course: Interest Rate Derivatives and Swaps

Interest Rate Modelling in the Multi-curve Framework
Course: Interest Rate Modelling

Term Structure introduction
Course: Maths Refresher for Finance

Intermediate Mathematics: Understanding Stochastic Calculus course sample (UK)
Course: Stochastic Calculus

Derivative pricing models (The xVA course sample)
Course: Valuation Adjustments: The XVA Challenge

Volatility: Trading and Managing Risk sample (UK)
Course: Volatility: Trading and Managing Risk