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Modern Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction

Andreas is a fine instructor with a strong knowledge of his field, both from an academic and practical perspective.

(Portfolio Manager - EIB)

Very interesting course to understand the developments on quantitative asset allocation in our world and how disconnected most investors are from most recent actions!

(Senior Investment Analyst - Sedco Capital)

Great course that gives a good overview of current applicable research in the modern asset allocation field

(Financial Risk Advisor - Delta Lloyd Asset Management)

The Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction offered exactly what I had in mind. It dealt with the most recent developments in the field. I have tried to keep up with the literature, but it's much better to have Andreas explaining it to you. He is a real good teacher.

(Economist, Strategist, Mutli-Asset Manager - Delta Lloyd Asset Management)

Andreas is a very good tutor. He's very clear and combines amazingly practice advice with theoretical approach and intuition. Materials are rich and insightful. Lots of examples help to clarify and are a very good take away to implement what I learnt.

(Equity Portfolio Manager - Banca d'Italia)

The seminar is a really useful mix of academic content, practical exercises and concrete market experience. A sound update on the most recent developments in the space of Asset Allocation and solutions to key challenges managers face in portfolio construction.

(Portfolio Manager - Banca d'Italia)

This course covered a very broad area, it allowed me to gain lots of new insights and to deepen existing knowledge. The course comes with an extensive reading list and lots of spreadsheets, that allow you to further deepen the gained knowledge. I liked the course very much!

(Senior Financial Risk Specialist - National Bank of Austria)

The course covers many asset allocation theories and models in a comprehensive and detailed manner. Everything is explained cum grano salis.

(Strategist - Banca IMI)

This was a very good course. Teacher's experience and ability to explain the topics was evident. It provided a good overview of recent developments in SAA modelling and portfolio construction. The materials as well as the side readings, papers and exercises enable us to provide a deep technical understanding of the area.

(Senior Relationship Manager - Bank of International Settlements)

Mr Steiner is one of the best teachers I have had in all the financial courses I participated.

(Director - Credit Suisse)