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Maths Refresher for Finance

The course brings you back to the basics of mathematics, to those theories and equations that are really important in the financial world. As a researcher exactly what I needed to start with new research ideas.

(Assistant Professor - University of Pecs Faculty of Business and Econ.)

I highly recommend this course for people who haven't reviewed these mathematical concepts since college, or simply want to go back to those concepts (after having gained some work experience) and be reminded of their practical application.

(Financial Controller - Santander)

This has been the most useful seminar I've done in the last three years. I wanted to review and learn the most useful mathematical concepts in banking and this course has done exactly that.

(Financial Controller - Santander)

This course was just what I need. After several years in the humanities wilderness this refresher got me back on track. Tony is an excellent lecturer, and made what is quite a dry subject interesting and easy to understand. He is extremely knowledgeable.

(Senior Analyst - Investment Services)

Well structured course with relevant and extremely useful content.

(Managing Director - Investment Management)

Very practical,relevant and enjoyable.

(Analyst - )