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Can't travel? Don't want to travel? LFS LiveLFS Live brings the class to you!

  • Live interactive training from world renowned practitioners in the comfort of your own home
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Commodity Markets and Structured Commodity Finance

Helyette Geman strikes a perfect balance between theory and practice. An excellent introduction to commodity risk!

(Senior Risk Analyst - Agder Energi Kraftforvaltning AS)

No compliment or praise will be enough to describe Professor Geman's vast knowledge and experience in the commodities markets. Always a pleasure to listen to her lectures. Anybody who is interested in commodities should take this course.

(Financial Analyst - Grupo Merino Commodities)

Excellent course on commodities that allows you to leave the classroom with a holistic and complete picture on how the commodities market works, after entering knowing very little.

( Senior Economist - Grupo Merino Commodities)

This is an excellent course with probably the top expert in commodities today. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have a real understanding of both the field of commodities and the existing models for commodity prices.

(President - Grupo Merino CA)

Professor Geman is a great teacher, she has lot of knowledge in the commodity market as a trader. Also she is one of the most important academics in the area. Really impressed.

(Financial Analyst in Commodity Area - GM Commodities Canada LP)

It was my first online live experience and I am pretty amazed with the quality of the broadcasting. I would recommend the LFS Live experience to anyone.

(IT Governance - BTG Pactual)

Dr Geman is an impressive trainer with the highest academic background as well as actual trading experience. She is able to explain simply the core aspects of commodities derivatives and is very open to challenge and questions.

(Audit Head Commodities - BTG Pactual)

"The walk through all commodity asset classes and individual cases was interesting [...] Helyette evidently has a wealth of industry insight and experience and her many anecdotes are both entertaining and useful in seeing the application of the material and in driving forward the history (and in some cases her hypotheses) about the development of commodity modelling over the years."

(Equities - UBS AG)

"Helyette has a most impressive understanding of every facet of this industry and her enthusiasm for the subject kept me captivated."

(Business Systems Analyst - )

"Professor Geman was engaging and demonstrated the practical expertise I was looking for. This course motivated me to continue to deepen my understanding of commodities markets."

(Risk Management - Global Hedge Fund)