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Advanced Bank Liquidity Management: Stress-Testing, Contingency Planning and FTP

The course was great. In particular, the coverage of CVA, XVA and MVA and the link to liquidity risk was very interesting.

(Risk Auditor - Morgan Stanley)

In-depth coverage of funding and liquidity providing real-life examples. Useful information on capital ratios, capital stress testing in connection with liquidity stress testing and recovery and resolution. I recommend it to professionals working in financial risk area in banks.

(Financial Risk Officer - ING Bank)

Essential course in understanding modern liquidity management and stress testing. The course was tailored and personalized to meet attendees needs.

(Chief Financial Officer - SKNA National Bank Ltd.)

I was extremely pleased with the instructor, the facilities and the accommodations. I learned a lot at LFS course and would recommend it to colleagues.

(Market and Liquidity Risk Examiner - Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta)

Overall excellent course!

(Supervision Analyst - Federal Reserve Bank Of Chicago)

The course instructor was very engaging. I appreciated the balance between lecture and discussion, and the real-world anecdotes were interesting and helpful in understanding the material.

(Market Risk - Santander)