We produce regular webcasts on key topics in capital markets with leading speakers from the financial industry. These webcasts are broadcasted live and later made available here:

Spikes and Volatility in Commodity Markets - The Examples of Energy and Metals
Recorded on: 21 Aug 2017
Speaker: Dr Helyette Geman

Bilateral Margin Requirements - SIMM and MVA
Recorded on: 27 Jul 2017
Speaker: Dr Jon Gregory

Volatility Trading - Does a variance swap have a delta?
Recorded on: 24 May 2017
Speaker: Dr Simon Acomb

Hedge Accounting under IFRS 9
Recorded on: 07 Mar 2017
Speaker: Juan Ramirez

Modelling Break-Even Inflation
Recorded on: 02 Feb 2017
Speaker: Dr David Cox

Eurodollar Futures v FRA Convexity Correction
Recorded on: 01 Feb 2017
Speaker: Dr David Cox

The Mechanics of Cross Currency Basis Swaps
Recorded on: 16 Nov 2016
Speaker: Dr David Cox

Electronic Trading
Recorded on: 21 Jul 2016
Speaker: Dr Jamie Walton

Blockchains and Distributed Ledgers - From Bitcoins to Financial Markets
Recorded on: 21 Jun 2016
Speaker: Dr Massimo Morini

Risk Management Frameworks - Impact of the Fundamental Review of the Trading Book
Recorded on: 26 Jan 2016
Speaker: Dr Simon Acomb

Applying Data-Mining in Finance
Recorded on: 25 Nov 2015
Speaker: Dr Jan De Spiegeleer

The xVA Challenge - Derivatives Valuation in the Modern World
Recorded on: 10 Sep 2015
Speaker: Dr Jon Gregory

Central Counterparties and Mandatory Clearing of OTC Derivatives
Recorded on: 12 Feb 2015
Speaker: Dr Jon Gregory

Contingent Convertibles (CoCos)
Recorded on: 21 Aug 2014
Speaker: Dr Jan De Spiegeleer