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Financial Instruments Recognition and Impairment for Banks under IFRS9

The first half of this intensive one-day programme is devoted to gaining hands-on expertise on how financial assets and liabilities are recognized under IFRS 9. Each type of financial instrument is dissected by using a case study in which the accounting entries are covered in detail. The new requirements are contrasted with IAS 39 where relevant.

The second half of the programme covers impairments. Key elements of the three bucket model such as the calculation of expected credit losses and the significant increase in credit risk are covered in detail. Special emphasis is placed on the link between IFRS 9’s impairment model and the Basel III’s framework, specifically around probability of defaults and the treatment of expected credit losses.

What differentiates this programme from other seminars is its practical approach. Rather than just repeating the IFRS 9 guidance often seen at other seminars, we cover each financial instrument in detail, going through the accounting entries over their life cycle. Impairment is also thoroughly addressed in a practical way by providing insights into the IFRS 9 implementation at banks, linking it to Basel III to convey the challenges of using methodologies already in place, and highlighting the areas likely to be challenged by bank supervisors and internal audit.

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  • Central London
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This course is also available in Singapore

Who The Course is For

  • Bank finance, internal audit and risk management professionals
  • Bank treasurers
  • Advisors at consultancy firms
  • Structurers and salespeople at investment banks
  • Bank supervisors

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to account for financial instruments and calculate impairments
  • Gain familiarity with how banks are approaching key judgements
  • Analyse main areas likely to be challenged by bank supervisors and internal audit
  • Gain understanding of the issues concerning IFRS 9 implementation

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Prior Knowledge

  • Basic understanding of financial statements
  • Basic understanding of financial instruments: bonds, loans, derivatives etc.

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