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The Impact of Economic Data on Financial Markets

Understanding the role of economic indicators which determine market performance is an essential skill in the context of an increasingly sophisticated and complex financial marketplace. This course identifies the information that really matters and provides an insight into how best to interpret the increasing wealth of data now available.


This programme will provide an understanding of what economic data mean and how they relate to each other. Participants will learn to identify those statistics most likely to move the markets and to define what makes a market-useful economic indicator. They will also examine how some statistics can be employed as leading indicators for others.

The problems of gauging the market consensus will be highlighted in the programme and insights provided into how best to interpret the information. The potential dangers of taking the figures at face value will be emphasised and the different perspectives of the market and the policymakers looked at in detail.

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  • Central London
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This course is also available in New York

Who The Course is For

This programme is for anyone who needs to appreciate the relevance of economic statistics to the financial markets including:

  • Traders
  • Corporate treasurers
  • Investment and risk managers
  • Consultants
  • Sales people

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Prior Knowledge

General concepts of macroeconomic and applied economic theory, broad goals of monetary and fiscal policies, basic principles of financial products, probability theory.

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