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The xVA Challenge: Counterparty Credit Risk, Collateral, Funding and Capital

Before attending this course I have already benefited a lot from reading Dr Gregory's book. During the course, Dr Gregory gave detailed elaboration on all the concepts, which greatly strengthened my understanding. This is the best course I have attended during the recent 10 years.

(Executive Director - DBS Bank Ltd)

Concise but packed with information, yet not overwhelming. Excellent course to gain an overview of xVA and its related concepts!

(Analyst - DBS Bank)

The course gave me a better insight in the world of xVA and the tools needed for practical application.

(Trader - Dutch State Treasury Agency)

London Financial Studies' XVA Challenge is ideal for anyone that requires knowledge on CVA, FVA and KVA and gives more insight into central clearing and initial margin. It was an overall pleasant learning experience.

(IT Quantitative Business Analyst - Rand Merchant Bank)

The level of the subject matter covered in this course far exceeded my expectations. The spreadsheets were impressive and provided the right touch of practical application to tie back to the theory that was covered.

(Quantitative Analyst - Barclays Africa Group Limited)

Concise yet comprehensive presentation of complex concepts and requirements with reference to xVA calculations

(Business Analyst - Rand Merchant Bank - a dividionn of FirstRand)

The course covers all the most relevant topics and is well designed and comprehensive. Jon is one of the best in the counterparty risk field and is also one of the best teachers I've had. It was hugely helpful for what I do and I enjoyed learning from him!

(Bank Examiner - Risk Specialist - Office of the Comptroller of the Currency)

The course was excellent, and Jon was the most knowledgeable teacher I ever had on a financial markets topic.

(Market Risk Manager - Credit Agricole CIB)

This was an excellent course. Jon is a true expert in the field of xVA, and he coherently delivers practical insights about xVA best practice and future challenges.

(Risk Analyst - Reserve Bank of New Zealand)

Excellent course with lots of Excel models. My expectation was high but the course came above my expectation. Highly recommend for those engaged in Derivatives business, whether it be Risk, Traders, Sales or Technology.

(Director - ING Bank N.V.)