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Bilateral Margin Requirements, ISDA SIMM and Central Clearing

Jon Gregory strikes a brilliant and insightful balance between context, main principles and issues to tackle, bringing a much needed broader and deeper understanding. I left the course with a lot of key actionable take-aways.

(Chief Risk Officer - Oilinvest)

Jon was a great teacher. Keeping it simple yet detailed, relevant and tied in the theory with actual examples. Very engaging.

(Senior Client Manager - TriOptima)

I recommend this course for people interested in getting an overview of OTC and exchange derivatives market and how they manage counter-party credit risk. The course also walks you through the history of counter-party risk management in these markets. Though the title of the course mentions about teaching SIMM in bilateral trades which is covered in detail on the second day of the course, I think it covers useful topics for anyone looking to learn about CCPs and OTC counter-party risk management. I have mathematics background and have worked for a CCP for few years now and I wish I had taken this course earlier to get a full understanding of the company I work for.

(Senior Quantitative Analyst - Options Clearing Corporation)

Many thanks for a very informative and detailed course. It will help me develop a more in-depth knowledge on clearing and margin requirements.

(Investment Manager - Penisonfonds ING)

Jon Gregory explained a complex subject with clarity and patience. He provided very good examples to illustrate his points and was more than happy to answer questions around the topic. He was keen to make sure that the content was thoroughly understood and encouraged discussion.

(Electronic Broking Sales - Tullett Prebon)

Very comprehensive two-day course!

(Chief Operating Officer - Comder Contraparte Central S.A.)

The course was absolutely fantastic! Jon Gregory was great and answered every question. He made me focus on the subject and think about it from a different perspective. Time and money definitely worth spending on this course. It was one of the best trainings I have ever done!

(Capital & CVA Risk Analyst - BNP Paribas)

"Good lecturer. The course addressed the subject from a global stance where mechanics where treated sufficiently and considerations were debated intensively. Especially the latter contributed to my objectives of the course."

(ALM & Treasury - ABN AMRO Bank)

"Very comprehensive and well-focused on all the questions related to CCPs for OTC derivatives."

(Manager - Deutsche Bundesbank)

"Well timed. Considering regulation in the EU and USA. Gives a broad understanding of clearing organizations trough time and relevant issues at the moment."

(Product Developer - Transtrend BV)