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Behavioural Finance and Equity Investment Strategies

Modern finance portrays investment decision-making as rational choice. However, pure rationality does not describe how decisions are truly made. This course examines:

(1) the various behavioural strategies that amateur and expert investors rely upon to make decisions (2) the structure and speculative dynamics of equity prices in world financial markets from the perspective of investor psychology (3) the practical implications of behavioural finance.

The course will enable participants to (i) understand and implement equity investment strategies based on key insights of behavioural finance, and (ii) to successfully manage business relationships with clients.

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  • Central London
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  • You might be eligible for preferential rates. Please contact us to check if your company is a member of the LFS Global Client Programme.

This course is also available in New York

Who The Course is For

  • Securities analysts and portfolio managers
  • Financial advisors relationship managers, private banking specialists
  • Regulators
  • Management consultants and corporate executives
  • Affluent investors

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Prior Knowledge

The course is self-contained but prior knowledge of standard concepts in modern finance is required (e.g., portfolio theory, CAPM, beta, efficient markets).

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