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Macro Drivers of Asset Performance and Global TAA Strategy

This course provides a framework to formulate global asset allocation and trading strategies through the business cycle. It includes discussion of the main themes forming the background to global markets: efficacy of macro policies, including austerity, stimulus, monetary and fiscal policies; ‘exit strategies’ from unconventional monetary policies; economic imbalances; the sovereign debt crisis; and the potential of higher inflation.

These themes are contrasted from both orthodox (neo-classical and neo-Keynesian) and heterodox (Modern Monetary Theory, post-Keynesian, and other) ideas that are driving current trends in investment decision making.

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  • Central London
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This course is also available in New York and Singapore

Who The Course is For

The course is focused on global portfolio strategy but will benefit anyone involved in financial markets keen to gain a better understanding of the macro drivers of asset performance, particularly those who are executing cross-market trading strategies:

  • Chief Investment Officers
  • Global macro hedge fund managers
  • Private wealth managers
  • Risk managers
  • Traders
  • Strategists

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Prior Knowledge

Some prior knowledge and practical experience of using the main financial instruments and their derivatives is necessary in order to maximise the benefit from attending the course. Some prior knowledge of economics would be useful but is not necessary.

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